Heatpump water heaters

Opportunities enabled

Heatpump water heaters which use an electric compressor, can produce hot water up to about 90degC for industrial or commercial purposes. Industrial applications include cleansing, thermal disinfection and heating/cooling/air-conditioning in industrial use.Commercial applications include provision of hot water in hotels and hospitals. High efficiency can be achieved when waste heat (e.g. from sewage, industrial wastewater) is utilized and/or when heat and chill energy is extracted simultaneously.

Organisation providing the technology
JAPAN Electro-Heat Center
Endorsing entity

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan.


Heatpump water heaters with state-of-the-art technology can achieve an EER of aroung 4.7(*)

Hot water : 65 deg.C
Heat source inlet watar temperature : 40deg.C
Heat source outlet water temperature : 30deg.C


Some application can simultaneously produce heat and cool water, resulting in even higher energy efficiency.
Heat pump also contributes to reduction of air pollutant emissions by replacing fossil fuel fired boilers.
Some heatpump water heaters use natural refrigerant (CO2 refrigerant), which further contributes to reducing GHG emissions.


State-of-the-art technology enables heat pump to produce hot water more efficiently than boilers, even when assuming that electricity is generated with conventional fossil fuel power generation technology. Efficiency of heat pump is represented by EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) which indicates performance at full load. Recovery of previously unused heat enables higher EER.

Succes factors and requirements

In order to use waste heat, adequate heat source needs to be in the vicinity of the project. Such waste heat needs to be collected and transported.

Investments required



One month to one year

Countries where implemented
Technology owners

JAPAN Electro-Heat Center