HE740 - High efficiency and energy saving exhaust unit for livestock facilities

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The HE740 from DACS is a high efficiency and energy saving exhaust unit for livestock facilities. With a specific power input of 25,5 W / 1000 m3/hour, the exhaust unit is “best practice” in the industry and takes a significant lead over competing products. The HE740 will reduce your energy bill significantly and make you stay competitive in an ever changing and challenging market. 

A newly developed impeller and a very efficient and aerodynamic motor together saves an immense amount

of energy in comparison with traditional solutions - often more than 70 %. The reason for these savings is

that DACS (as the only company in the industry) has made an application match combining motor,

impeller and chimney in an extreme high performance unit.

The advantage of using the HE740 with butterfly valve is that neither water, light, insects and birds can

enter the building when the unit is not in operation. This since the butterfly valve on top of the unit seals off

100% when not in operation. The HE740 with butterfly valve should only be operated on/off.

The HE740 exhaust unit is equipped with DACS´own motor/impeller solution. This brings you significant savings that often amount to more than 70 %.

Motor: 3 x 230/400 V 1,6/0,95 A

Shaft output power: 0,3 kW

Volume flow @ 0 Pa: 17.471 m3/h

Specific consumption: 25,5 W / 1000 m3/h

Fan: RPM 945-960 @ 50 Hz

Fan impeller pitch: 49°

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