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The company develops an efficient cost-effective vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) with first focus on small wind turbines for residential settings. The key differentiator of the company is a novel rotor with a specific use of Active Flow Control (AFC) aerodynamic technology which enhances the turbine’s efficiency reduces noise and vibrations and enables high performance in unstable wind conditions and across a range of wind speeds. The first focus of the company is the wind turbine market for residential settings (rated capacities up to 10 kilowatts). The basic idea of the Company’s Active Flow Control technology by Andrey Kotler for vertical axis wind turbines is to use the centrifugal forces due to the spin of the rotor to inject accelerated air on the rotor blades. Injection of accelerated air on the rotor blades increases the air circulation around the blades. The increase in air circulation around the blades translates to greater power production of the wind turbine.


Smart Wind turbine is comprised of its innovative and special rotor generator electrical components and tower. The increased efficiency of the company wind turbine – for greater electricity production - will translate into a relatively rapid ROI.; Proven record of commercial use

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