Growsmart Soil Moisture Monitoring

South Africa

Soil water plays a critical role in the life of plants. They need adequate water to develop a strong root system and for cooling themselves.  Irrigation is about proper timing and maintaining the available water at the appropriate amounts.  When soil water drops below proper levels, crop stress develops that lead to loss of both crop quality and yield.  Over irrigation contributes to erosion, loss of nutrients and increase input costs. Growsmart provides a growing hardware suite of plug-n-play sensors that are the eyes and ears in your field.  Plug-n-Play sensors help growers utilize best management practices that lower operating costs through efficient use of labor, energy, and water.

Continuous monitoring can make a difference.  FieldNET keeps track of soil water levels and local weather conditions to provide objective criteria for irrigation decisions. That means growers can make informed decisions to help ensure irrigation is applied at the right time. 

Organisation providing the technology
Lindsay Corporation Africa
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Lindsay Corporation