GreenMax Solar LED Lamp

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Hanging LED solar lanterns for indoor use, replacing candles and kerosene lamps, designed especially for households without access to electricity.The LED lantern is 3 times brighter than a kerosene lantern and can be fully charged in a day under the sun. It provides bright, 360-degree illumination. There are two light brightness settings, the lower one can work up to 15 hours under a full charge. With an integrated solar panel and a multiple-setting handle, the lantern is  flexible and easy to use. For households with access to grid electricity, the lantern can also be AC-charged with relative mobile adapters.

Charging method: 

1. Charged by sun: Expose the lantern to sunlight and keep the solar panel upwards, the indicator will flash in red.

2. Charged by AC: Plug the AC adaptor with an output of DC 5V into the solar lantern  then connect the AC adaptor to the grid, the indicator will flash in red (optional).

Warning: Make sure that the solar lantern is turned off when charging the battery.

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