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GreenMax Solar Home Lighting

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The GreenMax Solar Home Lighting System is a prepackaged control unit designed for rural home electrification. Add batteries and modules for a complete solar home system that replaces dry cell batteries, kerosene and candles with safe, dependable solar energy. The system supplies electricity for lighting, entertainment and information to homes that are not connected to utility power grids. 

The system includes electronic system safeguards to provide reliable service and convenience and is designed to rovide power for DC fluorescent lights and a small television or radio. A controller monitors battery charging to avoid under or over charging the battery and an LED light displays how much charge is in the battery. 

The AC model includes an internally mounted inverter that changes DC electricity to AC electricity. DC fluorescent lights/LED Lamps are also available as well as other accessories.

Prepackaged and pre-wired
"Intelligent" battery charger maximizes output from solar module
Main battery/solar module disconnect switch with safety fuses
Optional AC inverter
Attractive wall mounted cabinet
Sealed or flooded battery adaptable
Solar charging/system status light
Battery state-of-charge indicator light

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