GreenMax Solar Charge Controller

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The GreenMax Solar Charge Controller  is equipped with an industrial-grade STM 8 microprocessor to control the charge and discharge process. The charge circuit is characterized by high efficiency and low consumption by controlling the MOSFET of the ultra-low internal resistance with PWM. This controller has multiple load control modes and is adaptable to different industries. The product can be applied to the following occasions:

1). Outdoor environment monitoring systems 

2). Automatic control systems for agriculture and garden

3). Solar power systems 

4). Communication stations, WIFI hotspot

5). Street lighting systems


- 30 x 50mm LCD display screen to show the status of charging and discharging 

- Indicator light for charging and discharge

- Heat balance design and natural air cooling

- 4-stage charge period management (EQU, Bulk, ABS. Float)

- Temperature compensation function: The controller automatically adjusts to the charge parameters of the battery to prolong the service life of battery

- Electric protection production, including over-current protection, load short-circuit protection and low-voltage protection

- Charge loop to improve the efficiency of the charge and discharge, and reduce the heat consumption in charge and discharge.

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