Green treatment of Municipal Solid Waste


The ArrowBio plant receives Municipal Solid Waste input (both pre-sorted and unsorted) separates it to its basic elements (recyclable materials biodegradable organics and residues) using a combination of dry and wet automatic and manual processes and then prepares and treats the biodegradable portion to produce renewable energy and clean digestate. The separation part includes various elements that sort by: size weight conductivity water floating water sinking air blowing shredding and other means. The biodegradable organics are separated and prepared for the biological process by means of water-dissolving hydro-crushing in-line shredding filtering screening and other means. Arrow’s patented process combines Hydro Mechanical Separation with Liquid Anaerobic Treatment.


Very high recyclables recovery rate ( more than 75%) clean organic stream no odour or pollution high amount of and high quality biogas used to create renewable energy clean digestate used as fertilizer self-produced electricity and water and more.; Proven record of commercial use

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