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Grape Mundo


Grape Mundo is an IT Application for grape farmers to adopt precision and sustainable farming practices, along with a channel to sell their quality and residue-free grapes directly to end consumers without using traditional selling chains and intermediaries ( by an e-commerce platform). It has been developed to help farmers identify problems, such as crop residue precaution, prevent pre-harvest and post-harvest losses, estimate yields, and calculate and enhance grape farm productivity. It illustrates the basic and main key points in the local language (Marathi), and is easy to understand for grape farmers (scientific language is only used when necessary). It covers the many aspects of grape farming to achieve the individual farmer's desired target of high-quality, residue-free grapes.

Social, economic and environmental impacts: 
» Increased income and decreased farming expenses.
» Easier market access resulting in better rates for yields.
» Minimized pre-post harvest losses.
» Efficient and controlled use of natural resources.
» Reduced agrochemical pollution.
» Improved farming practices through co-learning.

Benefits for family farmers and food and nutrition security:
Grape family farmers have been using traditional methods for farming. Our innovation has connected them to efficient, lowcost techniques, resulting in high-quality produce which get better rates. This quality product is directly sold to end consumers so that farmers get full value for their efforts. Family farmers are the people who hold the tools to practice agroecology. They are the real keepers of knowledge and wisdom.

Problem addressed: Need for overcoming traditional farming methods in order to increase the productivity.

Potential improvement: Getting knowledge on new and efficient low-cost techniques and crop protection methods.

Rta Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Samir S. Pandit
India | [email protected]

Source: FAO - Agroecology Knowledge Hub

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