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Today around 3 billion people cook with dirty fuel sources; such as wood, dung or charcoal. As a result, smoke inhalation related illness ranks with malaria and AIDs as one of the great greatest problems facing the world. In addition, fuel wood scarcity drives families around the world to spend many hours collecting and transporting heavy loads of fuel wood, often to the detriment of already endangered ecosystems. If fire wood is purchased it often makes a sizeable portion of the family's income.

Cooking with the sun can save lives, protect the environment, and empower communities on a global level.

After an opportunity from the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves to extensively test it's technology in the highlands of Guatemala, GoSun is on the verge of starting a social enterprise for developing markets with the potential to change lives, communities and ecosystems.

Capacity: 400ml
Top Temperature: 280°C
Time To Boil: 40 Minutes (Full Sun)

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