School/Village Water Quality Customized Water Treatment Technology for Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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South Korea

About GLory & Tech Co., Ltd.

Glory & Tech Co., Ltd, established in 2016, specializes in water supply business for developing countries and appropriate technology education. The water supply facilities are currently installed, operated, and managed in over 30 locations in schools and villages of countries such as the Philippines, Myanmar, Mongolia, and Vietnam.

About the technology

This drinking water treatment technology for schools and villages is a combination of high quality filter technology and standardized pre-treatment processes, elevated water tanks, water supply facilities and more for treating rainwater, groundwater, lake water and other water sources into safe drinking water. This technology can be installed and managed with local resources and manpower, and is also a groundbreaking technology for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

• Filter technology that is customized and arranged based on water source quality

• Meets the drinking water quality standards regardless of the type of water source

• Localized facility equipment reduces cost of facility construction 

• Simple and standardized equipment composition allows locals to easily maintain and manage facility


Organisation providing the technology
Glory & Tech Co., Ltd.
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Green Technology Center


Soon-ho Park, 82-10-2716-9399, [email protected]

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