Gas Sensor for Ammonia Carbon Dioxide and Water

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Researchers from Prof. Ronald Hanson’s laboratory have developed a sensitive patented gas sensor that uses diode lasers to simultaneously detect ammonia carbon dioxide and water vapor. This sensor is particularly useful for measuring trace amounts (ppm levels) of ammonia without interference from typical background species. Compared to previous gas detection instruments this technology is rapid versatile and inexpensive. The sensor system can be used in a variety of monitoring applications including environmental semiconductor clean room vehicle exhaust and breath analysis.Stage of ResearchThe inventors have used this technology as a portable automated sensor to achieve minimum detection of 0.25ppm for ammonia and 40ppm for carbon dioxide in bioreactor vent gases.


-Rapid specific multi-species monitoring of ammonia CO2 and H2O without interference from typical background species -Sensitive: measures ammonia at ppm levels or below in the presence of common atmospheric interferences -Inexpensive to produce: affordable and commercially available semiconductor diode lasers -Versatile measuring capability

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