Gas Fill-Up Process System and Methodology with Minimal or No Cooling

Background: Hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) vehicles have long been heralded as a zero-emission more energy-efficient alternative to conventional gasoline. Charging and storage including lack of fueling station standardization and accessibility continues to be one of the largest barriers to widespread commercialization. Affordable efficient and safe storage practices are essential for the hydrogen economy to be a feasible alternative. Temperature regulation and time-to-fill are two contributing factors to this problem. Technology Description: Professor Manousiouthakis and colleagues have developed a novel system and method of filling-up gas into storage vessels. An important lineup of applications includes the fill-up of gases used for energy such as hydrogen and natural gas. The technology speeds up the fill-up process without compromising safety and eliminates the need for an expensive cooling system commonly employed by current systems. The proposed methodology also allows the temperature of both the gas and the vessel itself to be controlled by the user. Applications: 1) Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles/natural gas vehicles: 2) Improves safety 3) Reduce or eliminate costs for cooling systems 4) Reduce wait time for station/pump availability and prevent backlogging improving user experience. 5) High-pressure storage tanks - improve safety and reduce costs.


1) Reduces the risk of compromising the structural integrity of the tank 2) Increases efficiency of gas fill-up

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