Gärstad waste-to-energy plant

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Thermal treatment of waste plant in Linkoping including the opportunity to discuss with representatives of the technical staff

The participants will be given a full tour of one of the waste-to-energy plants in Linköping, the new Gärstad facility. The plant has an annual capacity to treat 195.000 tons of municipal and industrial waste. The energy output is 19MWe and 68MWth. The plant uses both dry and wet flue-gas cleaning technology. The visit is concluded in the control room where operations staff are present and willing to answer questions.

Organisation providing the technology
Cleantech Östergötland, Babcock & Wilcox Vølund AB
Countries where implemented

Cleantech Östergötland, Gjuterigatan 1D, 58273 Linköping, 4613122675

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