A freewheeling hydraulic Pump/Motor installed between the engine and the gear box is connected to a low pressure hydraulic accumulator on one side and to a high pressure hydraulic accumulator on the other side. 1. The braking and deceleration energy is converted to hydraulic energy and stored in the high pressure accumulator to recycle the energy efficiently . 2. A mechanical freewheel between the engine and the Pump/Motor is added the engine is controlled by an internal computer and has only two conditions : either full load to push the vehicle and store an energy reserve in the high pressure accumulator or stopped. The purpose is to make the engine running only around its maximum efficiency conditions (30%) The driver control the accelerator pedal connected to the hydraulic Pump/Motor and the engine is controlled by a computer.


Reduced consumption and associated vehicle pollution : 50 to 70% saving 1. Recycle the negative energy : the efficiency of a hydraulic or pneumatic accumulator is close to 100% the efficiency of a freewheeling hydraulic Motor/Pump of this type is about 80 to 90% ; it is realistic to provide a recycling of the negative mechanical energy from 70 to 80 %. 2. The engine work only around its maximum efficiency conditions.; 1. Develop the freewheeling hydraulic Pump/Motor for an first application to work with a current thermal engine. 2. Develop a free piston thermal engine able to convert directly the combustion energy into hydraulic energy. 3. Consider a pneumatic application either in the Pump/Motor or with an Hydro-pneumatic converter.

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