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Fossil free transportation


The regions Småland and Östergötland are pioneering within solutions for fossil free transportation. The regions supply different types of biofules and electric cars for individuals as well as for light and heavy transports. A number of actors have designed a variety of solutions to enable a future with entirely fossil free fuels. An important aspect is that the solutions do not compete but are seen as pieces that together can enable a complete solution for a society without fossil fueled transports. The movement toward sustainable transportation includes both private vehicles, trucks for heavy transports and public transports. For example the buses in Östergötland are fuels with biogas and biofuels while the trains run by electricity from sustainable sources such as water and wind power.

<b>A wide range of biofuels</b>
Several actors in the regions offer solutions for fossil free transports. Among these we find Energifabriken, a company that offer biofuels for private vehicles as well as trucks and boilers. The biofuels are filled from their own filling stations which can be found in most parts of Sweden. The best thing is that the biofuels can be filled in a regular diesel engine without the need for engine conversion!

Lantmännen Agroetanol is another company that supplies climate friendly fuels. In their biorefinery they refine grain and other raw material for producing a number of products included ethanol. The fuel is used for trucks with adapted diesel engines for and flex-fuel cars, but is also mixed with petrol in order to make the fuel a bit more climate friendly. This is called "lowblend" and the standard in Sweden is a blend of 5 % ethanol in the petrol.

Biogas is another fossil free fuel which is produced from organic waste from industries and households. A biogas vehicle is required for transports running on biogas and the popularity of the fuel have been increasing. Filling stations for biogas can be found in the whole country except the most northern parts of Sweden. The suppliers of biogas are plenty. In Linköping you can visit the local biogas plant owned by Svensk Biogas. The company supplies traditional biogas but are also pioneering within liquid biogas, a process that makes the fuel more compact and allows for more areas of use.

<b>Modular electric trucks</b>
Fossil free modular, transport and service solutions is the idea of the company Inzile, based in Småland. Inzile manufacture light trucks that run on electricity and each truck is an assembly of different modules in order to meet the customers' needs. The light trucks can be used for purposes such as mail delivery and transportations e-commerce.

All the companies in the text above can be visited in Småland and Östetgötland.

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