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Silicon dioxide aerogel is the lightest solid material because it has the characteristic of nanoporous structure (1-100nm), low density (1-500kg/m3), low permittivity (1.1-2.5), low thermal conductivity (0.013-0.025W/(m.K), high porosity ( 80-99.8%), high specific surface area ( 200-1000m2/g) etc. It shows the unique properties in mechanics, acoustics, thermology, optics. It has a broad and huge application prospect on the field of aerospace, military, communications, medicine, building materials etc.

Thickness: 6mm
Length: 34m
Width: 1500mm
Color: White
Density: 200±10kg/m3
Suggested Working Temperature: -50῀100 Celsius
Thermal Conductivity under 25 Celsius: 0.015 W/(m*K)
Water absorption: 0.5%
Hydrophobic: 99%

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