Floating Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Acess to onshore acreage for setting up wind parks will be limited due to the current development of parks and competition with other needs such as agriculture housing air traffic radar and plain esthetics. Acess to shallow water sites are limited and a large part of the world’s coastline has little or none. Wind speed and continuous operation are of key importance to park owners. At offshore locations winds blow more continuously with a higher wind speed.


The new generation Ocean Wind Turbine Vessel suited for large offshore wind parks is based on our knowledge on dynamics and the related structural challenges posed on structures in these environments. Key features are: - Vertical rotor low centre of gravity - Protection of key components inside floater; - Reduced need for maintenance and increased access for maintenance - Gyro-stabilisation to reduce pitch and roll motion (patented) - Tether anchoring to reduce heave movements - Reduced cost of installation and maintenance

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