Filtration Solution: Drinking Water Treatment


PEP Filters implements clean-water technologies to provide cost-effective filtration solutions for industrial municipal and commercial applications. Our dynamic solutions include Arkal’s patented automatic Spin Klin filtration technology made of sturdy and long lasting polymeric materials offering modularity flexibility and the lowest backwash volume of any filtration system available. The company has the widest range of pre-engineered automatic backwash self-cleaning media filters disc filters and screen filters which no other filtration company can match. General description: Main product lines include patented automatic Spin Klin filtration technology stainless and carbon steel media filters and automatic and semi-automatic screen filters. Function of the product(s): The company specializes in cooling and process water wastewater recycling drinking water pre-membrane applications desalination and cooling tower filtration.


Cost-effective filtration technology; Proven record of commercial use

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