Filtering Water with Acoustics Nanotube Technology

Innovators at NASA\\\'s Johnson Space Center have developed a filtration device to eliminate contaminants from water supplies. Originally developed to purify wastewater for reuse aboard the International Space Station the innovation is applicable to numerous situations on Earth where there is a need to collect potable medical-grade water from a contaminated water supply. The unique aspect of the technology is its use of acoustics rather than pressure to drive water through small-diameter carbon nanotubes. The invention requires less power than conventional filtration systems and is well-suited to a variety of water processing needs.


1) Effective: Produces clean water by eliminating contaminants 2) Efficient: Requires less power than conventional filtration systems enabling remote operation and solar power options 3) Flexible: Does not depend on gravity for water to flow through the system 4) Scalable: Allows for use of a single filter or a large bank of integrated filters depending on filtration needs 5) Widely applicable: Suits applications for a variety of water processing needs ranging from industrial to consumer applications

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