Filter Press and Membrane Filter Plate for industrial wastewater sludge municipal sewage sludge drink water sewage sludge river and lake dredging


Filter press and filtration integration which combines slurry filtration process research control system design filter press production and system commissioning service. Suitable for environmental protection mineral processing chemicals food and pharmaceutical industries etc. The Sludge Deep Dewatering Solution is a system that reduces moisture content to 60% after which the resulting cake can be used for landfill burning brick making greening fertiliser etc. This solution combines dewatering and drying and can be applied for sludge from the industry sector municipal wastewater tap water and sludge from rivers and lakes. The solutions are also equipped to deal with steel wastewater papermaking wastewater dyeing wastewater and desalination. The system occupies little space has a high yield rate a high filtration efficiency and can be used in high rate adjunct mash filtration. Another system developed is a fractionation solution for the oil industry. This Fractionation Filter Press Integration Solution is developed to make the process of filtration squeezing positive and negative blowing hot oil washing etcetera an automatic process. Xingyuan offers several different products - XG 800 Series: Decreases moisture content of filter cakes. XGQH Series Automatic Overhead Filter Press: This machine has an overhead beam design and is a hanging installation for filter place. This system is equipped with a PLC control system which is easy to operate though its automation level is high. Filter cloths are easy to replace as well and it is an efficient cake discharger. Automatic Fast Open Membrane Filter Press: High pressure membrane system which squeezes the waste twice resulting in dryer cake. Thanks to its actuating motor this machine is capable of high cake discharge speed which improves the efficiency of the wastewater management. XZG Series Oil Fractionation Membrane Filter Press: PP integrated type high pressure membrane squeeze cake all to improve oil yield. The filtrate system prevents a chemical reaction caused by air. The fast plate shifting system improves the handling capacity of the solution. Assorted membrane plates: Xingyuan offers different types of membrane plates to suit their machinery - 2000 type high pressure outboard feed membrane filter plate 1600 type high pressure corner feed membrane filter plate 1500 type external filtrate outlet membrane plate 1500 type centhe feeding membrane plate gasket cloth integrated membrane plate and gasket cloth chamber plate.

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