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One of Falu Energi & Vatten’s businesses is Waste Management. These include the Falu Recycling Plant that takes care of all household waste and a large part of the waste from private sectors in Falun Municipality. Falu Recycling Centre recycle 99% of the waste and the little that remains to end up in sanitary landfill.

At the plant, there are several different activities:

• Treatment of oil-damaged soil by static biological treatment
• The composting of yard waste and sewage sludge
• Wood chipping and crushing of combustible waste
• Intermediate storage and sorting of household waste
• Final coverage of sanitary landfills
• Receipt of Hazardous Waste
• Recycling Centre (ÅVC)

Waste becomes Soil and Energy

Falu Recycling Plant handles about 4 000 tons of food waste per year. Since 1994 the plant has composted food waste and the end product is compost soil. In the end of 2011 the plant started composting of garden waste and sewage sludge. Sludge will be used as cover material for the sanitary , which is used as a vegetation layer at the final cover of sanitary landfills. The composted yard waste becomes potting soil.

Falu Recycling Plant recycles about 180 tons of phosphorus per year through the composting of sewage sludge, food and garden waste.

Falu Recycling Plant also supplied fuel for power plants. Combustible waste from households and industries, and bulky waste delivered to Backlund's Power Plant in Borlänge. Clean wood chips, send to the company's own power plants, Västermalm Power Plant. Results are then heat and electricity distribute to local residents. The waste becomes energy equivalent to 85 000 MWh per year. It supplies the energy needs about 4 500 small houses.

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Stena Recycling AB, SUEZ Recycling AB
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