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A Facile Preparation Method for Highly Dispersed Supported Metal Catalyst

There has been an increased emphasis on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4). A technology proposed to serve the purpose of utilization of greenhouse gases is the catalytic reforming of CH4 with CO2 to produce syngas. The major issue impeding the development of this reaction is its high tendency towards carbon formation which will quickly deactivate conventional catalysts used for reforming reactions when steam or oxygen is not present to eliminate deposited carbon. This technology relates to a method of preparing a highly dispersed supported metal catalyst based on low cost and widely available materials. The catalyst prepared allows high conversions of methane and there is negligible amount of coking even after a prolonged reaction period. Development Status: The protocol for synthesizing the catalyst has been developed in the laboratory. Tests have been conducted with the results shown in the above section. To commerialise the catalyst for industry use scale up of the catalyst and pilot plant studies for CO2 reforming of methane have to be performed. Applications: · CO2 reforming of methane for production of Syngas Patent: · Patent Pending Opportunity: · Licensing · Partnership for further development


1) Anti-coking 2) Low cost due to wide availability of raw material 3) Easy to produce

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