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Fågelmyra is Borlänge municipality recycling center. This is where bulky waste is placed. Borlange residents sort their waste into containers or as hazardous waste. All containers are signposted and marked to facilitate the sorting. If you believe that all waste ends up in the same place, you will be mighty surprised if you visited Fågelmyra recycling center.
There are few businesses that have undergone such major changes over the past few years as waste management. What once was about getting rid of the waste as quickly and easily as possible is today a complicated business with ever new laws and rules to follow.
The largest percentage - combustible waste – becomes district heating. The food waste is composted and becomes biosolids (soil conditioner). Hazardous waste - chemicals, batteries, all our electrical gadgets and fridge / freezers are taken care of by a specialized companies, which ensures that no hazardous substances are spread into the environment.
Packs of glass, metal, plastic, paper, newspaper and cardboard are collected at recycling stations and become new products.
A modern waste is far from an old, it is an important part of the infrastructure of a functioning ecological society.

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Fågelmyravägen 60 784 73 Borlänge Dalarnas län

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