Evacuation Route Planning and Large Event Transportation Software

Efficient route planning software produces high quality solutions for emergency evacuation planning and large event transportation planning. It significantly reduces the computational cost compared to existing traffic simulation tools because the software uses heuristic algorithms to find acceptable solutions for large network problem. The evacuation route planning software is scalable to the number of people being moved and the size of the transportation network. The software can be used to compare transportation modes such as driving and walking for different zones and it reduces risk by identifying critical locations with unusually high evacuation times. The route planning software identifies and highlights the most efficient set of routes to minimize the transit time for large events and emergency situations. Efficient route planning reduces traffic congestion and leads to less pollution more productivity and less public frustration.


1) Fast route evaluation algorithm 2) Solve large-scale evacuation problems 3) Requires small computational resources to develop optimal plan 4) Compares transportation modes such as driving and walking for different evacuation zones 5) Scalable to the number of people and the size of the network 6) Utilizes alternative transportation modes – walking private vehicles public transportation

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