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EV7.5A (Air Compressor)

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The variable frequency series screw compressor takes advantage of the stepless speed regulation of the frequency charger, and start screw air compressor gently through the controller or the PID regulator inside of the controller to improve the start and operation mode of the motor. 
Prediction and evaluation of energy saving:
If the air compressor frequently upload and unload during the operation and particularly the steady pressure output is needed, it is necessary to use air compressor frequency changer to control air compressor to achieve the effect of energy saving in a certain range. 
Steady pressure:
The air compressor frequency changer aims at a the larger fluctuations of air volume. Internal PID regulator can quickly adjust the response. Compared with the limit switch control of operating with motor in constant frequency, the stability of the air pressure output increases exponentially, keeping on a constant point.
Start with no impact:
For the frequency changer has the function of the soft start, the start-up current is 3 times lesser than the power frequency startup. So the impact of the startup is smaller.
Variable flow control:
Based on the PID regulator and the actual air consumption to adjust the motor speed at a real time, to control the emission output and to achieve a equilibrium air supply. When low consumption,  the air compressor can sleep automatically to reduce the energy loss. The optimized control  further improves the energy-saving efficiency.
Better voltage adaptability of AC power supply
Due to the over modulation technique used in frequency changer, while in low AC power supply voltage, it still outputs the enough torque to drive the motor to work. While in high AC power supply voltage, it will not lead to a higher voltage output to motor.

Free air delivery/Discharge air pressure (M3/min/ Mpa) 1.2/0.7
Air supply temperature: ≤ambient temperature +8~`15ºC
#Power (kw/hp): 7.5/10
# Start method: Y-△Starter
# Voltage (v/hz): 380V 3PH 50HZ (380V-3PH-60HZ/ 460V- 3PH- 60HZ/ 220V- 3PH-60HZ/ 400V-3PH-50HZ/6000V-3PH-50HZ/other voltagesd can be customized)
Drive method: V-belt transmission / Coupling transmission
Oil content (PPM): ≤3
Connector inch: 3/4"
Noise(Db)±2: 6
# length mm: 900
# width mm: 700
# height mm: 1040
Weight (kg): 400

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