ePulse® Pipeline Condition Assessment


The ePulse condition assessment solution is the industry’s first approach that can identify the condition of both distribution and transmission mains, while simultaneously searching for leaks, without the need for large excavations or service disruptions. ePulse technology has simplified inspection and condition assessment of buried pipeline assets. Inspection and data collection does not require access to the inside of a pipe or extensive support from utility field crews. Acoustic sensors are attached to existing contact points, such as fire hydrants, valves or directly in contact with a pipe. A sound wave is induced in the pipeline and travels along the pipe. The acoustic sensors capture the time it takes the sound wave to travel between two sensor stations. The speed at which the sound wave travels is dictated by the condition of the pipe wall. As the sound wave travels, it pushes water molecules toward each other. Because water is incompressible, the molecules push outward on the pipe wall. This places a microscopic flex on the pipe wall — and greater the flex, the weaker the pipe. Through this method, ePulse measures the actual strength of the pipe wall, which is an ideal measure of actual pipe condition.

Source: https://www.echologics.com/services/condition-assessment/epulse/

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