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Enzymatic production of biodiesel

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TransBiodiesel Ltd. has patented a new technology using unique immobilized enzymes as an alternative for the conventional chemical-based catalysts for the production of biodiesel from different oils including plant oils animal fats and recycled greases. The developed immobilized enzymes are characterized with their high resistance towards short-chain alcohols typically used as substrates in the production process of biodiesel. The developed enzymatic process for production of biodiesel has been approved as economically feasible and also competitive with the costs for the currently practiced conventional production processes. Furthermore the enzyme-based production process is benign for the environment and the by-product produced in the process namely glycerol can be used for food cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications without excessive purification.


The company has developed new techniques for the preparation of biocatalysts to be used for the production of biodiesel at industrial volumes. The new biocatalysts are capable of catalyzing the reaction between both edible or other inedible fatty acid sources and methanol to form biodiesel that meets the international specs. The product will be used as an alternative for corrosive chemicals in new as well as in old biodiesel plants.; Proven record of commercial use

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TransBiodiesel Ltd.