Environmental Improvement by Novel Super Micro Organism Containing Construction Materials and Their Applicational Know-how


1. Quantum Energy Powder is made of Natural Ore containing SiO2. The ore is burned in 850 degree Celsius for 20 hours. This step is to change the cold and heavy properties of the ore. It is further ground and then matured and fermented with an enzyme and water. This material has healthcare such as improving immunity and inhibiting tumor cells as well as multi-functions such as warming cooling anti-bacteria deodorization by VOC removal absorbing electromagnetic wave anti-flammability and is registered for Korea Patents. This novel original material with cutting-edge technology is proven to be alive by microorganism culturing experiments after sterilizing at 1000 degree Celsius at Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science which is called as KRISS and at 121 degree Celsius at Seoul National University. 2. Quantum Energy R Radiating Material Powder is a cutting-edge technology. It is a fused compound and exerts many functions when fused with other materials by a mutual energy catalyzing effect. Those functions has warming cooling removing unpleasant odors and VOC absorbing electromagnetic waves that are high and low frequency waves and has an excellent insulation and heat blocking effects. Endless applications by developments made in the fields such as worldwide textile industry national defense industry electronics automobile agriculture animal husbandry and especially in environment and technology against climate change are possible. 3. Terrestrial Wave is a kind of wave coming out from the ground that does not just harm human body but also affects the temperature and moist of the space. The panel made from Quantum Energy Co. Ltd. can absorb the wave when we follow the Quantum Energy panel placing know-how. This know-how can be educated.


When Quantum Energy R Radiating Material Powder is fused and combined with other materials it maximizes the original function of that material and at the same time makes that material to become eco-friendly and healthcare multi-functional products. This Quantum Energy R Radiating Material Powder enables development of technologies and the products related to carbon-reducing and energy-saving civil engineering construction material and biology chemistry and biotechnology agrichemical-free agricultural method antibiotics-free feed production pharmaceutics and medicine. 13 patents 11 international trademarks and 14 Korean trademarks are registered for this technology. a. Winter Season: Warming effects by 3 to 6 degree Celsius results in 40650000 ton Carbon Dioxide Reducing effect 103950000 trees planting effects b. Summer Season: Cooling effects by 3 to 5 degree Celsius result in 34650000 ton Carbon Dioxide Reducing effect 103950000 trees planting effect c.Creating sustainable job effects: We can gain a new...

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