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Elspec is a leading global technology provider of electrical power quality analyzers real time power factor correction systems and energy saving solutions. The company’s ongoing efforts include successful implementation of innovative and comprehensive power quality analyis and power quality factor correction technologies as well as Power Quality Solutions that span the industrial commercial and utility sectors worldwide. The company has two flagship technologies as below. Power Quality and Fault Monitoring Systems: The 4400 Series BLACKBOX: The revolutionary ELSPEC G4000 Series BLACKBOX is the next generation in power quality analyzers. The G4K provides accurate detection and isolation of power quality monitoring. In addition to real-time monitoring with PQZIP a patented data compression algorithm the BLACKBOX stores all waveforms of every network cycle for up to a year at up to 1 024 samples per cycle resolution eliminating the need for thresholds triggers or parameter setting for logging. The Portable 4500 BLACKBOX: Built on the same innovative technology as the BLACKBOX 4400 .Series the Elspec G4500 Portable Digital Power Meter is the most advanced recorder on the market. The G4500 BLACKBOX has the power to determine the root cause of all Power Quality issues so plug it in and never miss another event. Power Quality Enhancement Systems: The EQUALIZER and ACTIVAR: The Equalizer is the world’s fastest real-time power quality enhancement system optimizes power factor correction energy savings voltage support harmonic filtration and more for a variety of dynamic loads. The ACTIVAR is a cost-effective alternative to electro-mechanical power factor correction banks offering fast compensation an unlimited number of transient free operations and unique self-testing and comprehensive reporting features. The EQUALIZER-RT: The -RT is designed to deliver substantial reactive power for voltage drop situations even during very deep voltage sags delivering an economical ride-through solution for energy production facilities and utilities. The EQUALIZER-ST: The -ST compensates medium and low voltage motor startups by utilizing a proven industrial technology to provide the ultimate motor protection control solution for the challenges related to large motor startups.


Provides accurate detection and isolation of power quality monitoring.; Proven record of commercial use

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