Energy saving for HID Lighting

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In essence when compared to the legacy magnetic ballasts used in most of today’s HID systems the Metrolight product is a computer controlled power supply. Among the key features are the high energy efficiency longer lamp life better lumen retention over time quality of light the continuous analog and/or digital control of the lamps and light levels as well as a multitude of diagnostic features. Metrolight offers the most advanced high wattage (20-1 000W) electronic HID products in the world.


(1) Sophisticated Ignition Process- Ignites lamp almost immediately (2) High Frequency Operation (3) Does not require high repetition rate of pulses (4) Very little energy discharged (5) Immediately stops energy flow when ignition is detected by microprocessor (6) Reverts to currentmode control ensuring lamp power-handling capability not exceeded (7) Dimming- Analog Digital Pre set (8) Control; Proven record of commercial use

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