Energy Harvesting and System balancing of PV installations


SmartDiodes is a transformational photovoltaic energy harvesting architecture minimizing differential system losses resulting from factors such as manufacturing mismatch partial shading partial soiling differential ageing and differential planarity. Unlike prior generation energy harvesting solutions such as power optimizers and microinverters SmartDiodes are virtually lossless feather light set a new industry benchmark in ultra-compact form factors and improve land utilization. Patent-pending and field proven SmartDiodes deliver a step function price-performance improvement compared with prior generation energy harvesting solutions required for adoption in commercial and industrial scale applications.


SmartDiodes optimize energy harvest on a per PV module basis SmartDiodes are provided in product configurations for PV module factory integration as well as post-factory field installation. Use of SmartDiodes is transparent to and compatible with all mainstream photovoltaic inverter.; Proven record of commercial use

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