Energy efficient wooden buildings at Limnologen

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Limnologen is 4 eight storey buildings with 134 apartments, using wood as the main building material.

Environmentally efficient wooden buildings with low energy consumption The buildings are part of the project Välle Broar, which aims to support wood-building technology and create the modern wooden city in Växjö. Limnologen are the first high buildings in Sweden with a construction (frame work) based on wood. They have been conducted and evaluated in close collaboration with leading wood-building experts from universities within Sweden and abroad. Environmental benefits Wood buildings have many environmental benefits. During production the material gives away very low carbon emissions and during its lifetime it sequesters carbon. The production of wood is energy efficient, it doesn't consume limited resources and in addition wood buildings consume less energy than other types of buildings during their lifetime. The buildings of Limnologen only consumes 65 kWh per square meter and year. Wooden buildings, particularly those with a high level of pre-fabrication, are flexible and it is possible to recycle building elements. In the end of the lifecycle the material doesn't need to be deposited, but can be combusted and converted into heat and electricity. In addition to the environmental benefits other desirable attributes can be mentioned, such as being highly fireproof and providing a good working environment.

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