Energy Efficiency for for Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning systems


enVerid Systems offers a new air treatment and energy saving technology for HVAC in commercial buildings. The key idea is to reduce the intake of outside air by the HVAC system. Outside air is used in order to maintain good air quality inside the building but since it is hot and humid significant amount of energy it required in order to cool it. The reduction in outside air is achieved by a number new material technologies developed in the last decade at leading US universities and government labs and is enhanced with novel mechanical designs and sophisticated software that optimizes the energy performance and creates a holistic solution for air recycling. There is a considerable reduction in the intake of fresh air and hence a significant amount of energy is saved.


The HLR module enables a very large reduction of outside air without compromising indoor air quality providing substantial energy savings. The HLR is designed as an add-on for retrofits to existing HVAC systems allowing simple and low cost installation without replacement of pre-existing infrastructure. In development as the next-generation offerings are integrated products for new installations and a solution for smaller distributed HVAC systems. Energy savings can vary from 20% to 50% depending on a number of factors like climate and building occupancy. All products have in common the use of periodically replaceable cartridges with the sorbent materials which will be controlled and distributed solely by enVerid systems.; Proven record of commercial use

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