Elgi HR 11

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It is a surprising fact that 100% of the electrical power (energy) is converted to heat energy during the Compression process in an Air compressor & all the heat energy goes as a waste if not used judicially.

Keeping in mind the effects of Global warming in the present environment. ELGi has come up with a system where in 96% of the waste heat generated from the compressor can be utilized for heating air (space) and heating water. This in turn eliminates the necessity to go for an additional equipment to heat water or Air, there by reducing the CO2 emission to a larger extent.

Rated Motor Power: 112 kW

Heat capacity: 10.5 kW

ΔT25Celcius: 6.1lpm

ΔT55Celcius: 2.8lpm

Potential fuel oil savings (fuel oil): 2366L

Potential fuel oil savings (CO2): 6436Kg

Potential natural gas saving (natural gas): 2000m3

Potential natural gas saving (CO2): 4000Kg

Dimension (LxBxH): 600x400x850

Weight: 53kgs

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