Electrostatic Thruster (Linear Electrostatic Propulsion Device)


The Electrostatic Thruster is an Electrostatic Propulsion Device which exerts a force by making the device experience a stronger electric field on one side of the device than the other. Using specific materials an 8 inch diameter 0.05 inch thick circular Electrostatic Thruster can produce a maximum force of 657 Newtons for 27.3 hours using a maximum of 264 Watts of electrical power. The force results have been verified using an electrostatic computer simulation program. The invention has been filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in May 2015 with a publication date of September 10th 2015.


The Electrostatic Thruster produces less noise uses less electrical power produces no pollutants expels no propellants and produces more force in a smaller package.

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