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Electronically Controlled Variable Flow Rate Ejector for Fuel Cell Hydrogen Recirculation Service

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The invention is a novel means to recirculate hydrogen within a fuel cell and thus prevent corrosion of the fuel cell catalyst and its supports. The ejector is fed primarily with hydrogen from the storage tanks that supply the fuel cell itself maintaining a supersonic jet of hydrogen gas. The low static pressure of this jet allows for the entrance of a secondary feed of hydrogen to the ejector from the outlet of the fuel cell anode. The resulting mixed jet of hydrogen is regulated so that it enters the fuel cell at rate that matches the consumption of hydrogen within the fuel cell. This regulation is accomplished through a pressure controller working along with the fuel cell system controller which adjusts an actuator-driven needle to modulate the amount of hydrogen in the supersonic jet.


1) Maintains fuel cell performance. 2) More efficient than current methods of hydrogen re-circulation.

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