Effective Water Treatment System for Hardness and Arsenic Removal

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1. Removal of Hardness Hard water contains a high concentration of calcium and magnesium ions. Hard water is softened by removing the calcium and magnesium dissolved. These ions can't be trapped in the filter bed. When hard water passes through the softening system it exchanges the hard ions in the water with soft ions. The softening system has resin beads with sodium attached. As water enters the softening system dissolved calcium and magnesium ions are attracted to the resin. The minerals attach to the resin pulling them from the water and releasing sodium into the water. 2. Removal of Arsenic Arsenic has four main chemical forms having oxidation states. But in natural water its predominant forms are inorganicoxy-anions of trivalent arsenite or pentavalent arsenate. Trivalent arsenite is about 60 times more toxic than pentavalent arsenate and inorganic compounds are about 100 times or more toxic than organic arsenic compounds. Arsenic is treated by oxidation coagulation precipitation filtration adsorption ion exchange and membrane technique. Innomeditech's arsenic removal system is applied oxidation and adsorption of titanium dioxide. The application of titanium dioxide in arsenic removal can be divided into two aspects. Titanium dioxide functions as both photo-catalyst and adsorbent in the presence of UV light or sunlight. Photo-catalyst oxidation of titanium dioxide is a technology for converting trivalent arsenic to pentavalent arsenate. And titanium dioxide can also adsorb trivalent arsenite and pentavalent arsenate. Pentavalent arsenate is more effectively removed than trivalent arsenite by adsorption technique. So after oxidation of trivalent arsenite is adsorbed trivalent arsenite and pentavalent arsenate.


Innomeditech water treatment system is the high adsorptive and compact systems. Innomeditech system is very easy to set up and use. 1. High arsenic loading (See below) Containments Tested Capacity Arsenic(Ⅴ) 48-60g/kg Arsenic(Ⅲ) 20-30g/kg 2. Removal of heavy metals (like selenium uranium radium molybdenum nickel etc.) 3. Low operating cost 4. Long lasting 5. Effective water treatment system for As (Ⅲ) - Surface water get enough oxygen so the arsenic in the surface water is predominantly As(V). But lack of oxygen in ground water is usually found with As(Ⅲ). As(Ⅲ) is more difficult to treat than As(V) so As(Ⅲ) need oxidation to As (V). Innomditech's water treatment system can oxidaze As(Ⅲ) to As(V). 6. Supply safe drinking water - Innomeditech water treatment system can also be used to kill bacteria and viruses in water by oxidation. So it is possible to supply safe drinking water.; Pilot plant : test operation Arsenic removal system : Raw water is ground water contains 100μg/L of arsenic so it is not...

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