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Effective treatment of highly contaminated organic industrial wastewater

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Advanced treatment processes may be used in combination or in conjunction with mechanical and biological unit operations. This activity is aimed at eliminating oxidizable nonbiodegradable matter at a higher level as well as metals nitrate phosphorous etc. by using powerful biological or physical and chemical action. Special equipment is required for each depollution. AquaSpark is taking care for Organic industrial contaminated wastewater with high and very high contents of organic contaminants (up to 100 000 and higher) and waste water with organic contaminants which are not bio degradable and does not enabling disposal of treated wastewater to communal systems. The output of the system is treated water with ash gases.


It is an advanced treatment method and is able to treat industrial wastewater with extremely high levels of contamination (high COD levels).; Proven record of commercial use

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