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ECO STORM(TM) is a moisture permeable and water proof material that achieves both environmental performance and comfort. Its base fabric uses recycled polyester fiber and thin polyester film is laminated onto it. We recommend this for outerwear for outdoor use and it can be used to make many kinds of environmentally friendly products. Main features. The highly functional material ECO STORM(TM) is a recyclable waterproof/breathable material made from recycled fibers. ECO STORM(TM) was created through TEIJIN's ECO CIRCLE(TM) the world's first closed-loop recycling system for polyester products. Made from polyester fiber ECO STORM(TM) has the highest standards for waterproof/breathable clothing and it can be recycled into new materials when collected. ECO STORM(TM) achieves a good performance balance between comfort and environmental sustainability.

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Technology. The highly water-repellent base fabric combined with a highly functional waterproof/breathable film that won't get wet and traps little moisture. This newly developed 100 percent polyester waterproof/breathable film is thin and highly durable. With its high level of waterproof/breathable functionality ECO STORM(TM) gives comfortable and durable protection in any weather conditions. Functional Performance of ECO STORM(TM). Lightweight thin soft and highly durable. The thin high performance polyester film creates this extremely durable/waterproof/breathable material. The highly water-repellent woven/knit base fabric is made from microfibers and has various types including stretching. Physicality 20000mmH2O or greater (JIS L1092 B). Hydrostatic resistance 5000g/m2 per 24hrs(JIS L1099 A-1). Moisture permeability 15000g/m2 per 24hrs(JIS L1099 B-1). ECO STORM(TM) is friendly to the environment in both its production and disposal. 1. Uses recycled fibers. 2. Recyclable through the ECO CIRCLE(TM)...

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