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Eco-friendly industrial laundry solution

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Aqua Solutions AS-system generates environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfecting liquid solutions needed in the laundry process. AS-system uses an electrochemical reaction to create 2 solutions that replace the detergent’s dirt removal action and the disinfecting process. Aqua Solutions AS 200 cleaning technologies have been laboratory tested and proved to be as effective as standard detergent-based methods but much more environmental friendly.


Economic - Quick ROI saves money on utilities and laundry materials (benefits include: water consumption decreased by 50% energy consumption by up to 80% amount of chemicals in the laundry process reduced by 80%-90% and fabric life Increased by 20%. Green - Ecologic environmentally friendly solution - highly biodegradable wastewater is achieved Laundry experts - Partnering with laundry experts at Aqua Solutions for long term sustainable success; Proven record of commercial use

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Aqua Solutions