Eco-friendly and innovative technology for waste water treatment

Water resources on earth are diminishing rapidly and human activities continue to detrimentally affect the quality and quantity of existing fresh water resources. As per the World Economic Forum water crisis is the global risk based on the impact to society as a measure of devastation. Hence it’s a high time to realize the importance of wastewater recycling to gratify the water needs of the exponentially growing population and extensively expanding industries. There are conventional and non conventional approaches for wastewater treatment. Lack of basic understanding of disposal medium subsequently resulted into failure of the conventional systems to deliver the end results. On the contrary these approaches are adding extra to the pollution load and hence causing more harm to the environment. So there is a need for paradigm shift in our approach to waste management. SUGAM caters to the demand of the era by providing the indigenous SOIL BIOTECHNOLOGY developed at IIT Mumbai. SBT is an innovative economic and effective approach to counter the challenges faced in the field of waste management. It is indeed the need of the hour.


It will help to recycle and reuse water in a ecofriendly and economical way with zero maintenance adding to the green credits.

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