Easy Photovoltech Solar Dusk To Dawn Controller

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The Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) Dusk-Dawn System is an energy saving device used for automatic switching of street lights making proper use of grid power and increasing the life of the lamps by operating the street lights from sunset to sunrise. 

A system can support as many as 500 lamps depending upon the lamp characteristic. The operation is based on sensing the ambient light level which actuates the electronic controller to switch ON the street lights in the evening and switch them OFF in the morning. The sensor is hermetically sealed weatherproof and maintenance free, thereby ensuring reliability even in adverse atmospheric conditions.

The system has the inherent advantage of automatic setting of switching timings irrespective of whether it is winter or summer thus making it a totally unmanned operation. Once set for a particular light level, it remains unchanged throughout the year.


• Optimal use of grid power.

• Energy saving estimated up to 20%.

• Relief from seasonal setting required in mechanical timers

• Solid-state electronic controller, free from mechanical wear & tear.

• Hermetically sealed weather proof and maintenance free large area sensor.

• Protection against faults like line to line, a line to neutral & line to earth.

• Manual by-pass in a case of system failure.

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