Easy Go Trailer (EGT)

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Solution for Fuel Economy and Pollution. We are looking for individuals or companies that will be willing to help develop a new system we identify as the Easy Go Trailer (EGT). Brining this system to the attention of the transportation industry introduces a process that solves all of the basic problems the transportation industry has all at the same time. The main problem that will show improvements are company profits as vehicle fuel economy improves by 80%. With better fuel economy will also show significant pollution reduction that will promote reduced global warming effects. As you learn operation of the EGT assembly and how it affects operation of the tow vehicle you will become familiar with how simple it is to solve all of the problems created by the elephant in the room as ‘weight’. Once you focus on solving how ‘weight’ affects everything the building blocks used to solve the overall problem for transportation becomes a question of how to reduce the loading effect caused by 'weight'. Solution being offered won't reduce payload however it will reduce the fuel used for highway operation because the EGT assembly reduces the LOADING EFFECT against the drivetrain of the tow vehicles. With introduction of the Easy Go Trailer assembly you will learn this system is a very simple process that only needs to be learned to become a reality. To make that happen for the transportation industry it will take getting the information out to the industry. Operation of the EGT assembly will improve fuel economy of even the Super Trucks being developed by a significant level. Our initial focus is toward the heavy-duty trailer market however the system is scalable to any weight class of highway trailers railroad boxcars and other rolling stock. With transportation operating at near peak efficiency a need exist to further improve energy efficiency fuel economy and pollution reduction. Discovery of this new concept has lead to design of a new system that exceeds limitations of present capabilities and offers a very ‘inexpensive’ option for an age old problem. A trailer modified with the EGT will cost ‘$4500’ providing ‘$36923’ in reduced cost of fuel for each 100000 miles at $3.00 per gallon. All aspects of the transportation industry operate against the limitations imposed by weight and are attempting to overcome the net effects. Technology being introduced follows a very simple and logical process to convert the problem into a solution. With the problem identified as weight this new system provides a solution that converts weight into usable force using the Easy Go Trailer assembly. Following operation of the EGT assembly does not require an engineering degree to understand how and why the system works. What you will learn is the system is a very logical sequence for application of an input force that begins a process of developing a reaction force. As you learn the function of the EGT it will show how the simplicity in design of the system is what makes it possible and furthermore you will wonder how could this have been missed for all of this time.


Class-8 tractors are setup to operate for the weight range they will be pulling which sets fuel economy limitations. Operation of a tractor with a trailer modified with the EGT system will allow the fuel economy to increase above traditional fully loaded ratings because the EGT reduces the loading effect on the drivetrain of the tractor. With modifications or changes to the tractor’s engine to match the new load requirements for the EGT will allow fuel economy of the tractor to increase even higher. An unmodified tractor used to tow class-8 trailers are setup to operate against the maximum loading effect of the combination of the tractor and trailer and its cargo to achieve best fuel economy with a full load. Class-8 tractors ‘without a trailer attached’ routinely operate near an average of 11.5 to 14.5 mpg. Fuel economy for the tractor with a fully loaded trailer will average 5.6 to 7.2 mpg. Operation of the tractor with a trailer modified with an EGT retrofit will allow the fuel economy to increase up...

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