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Drive Sweden Innovation Cloud


Drive Sweden Innovation Cloud is the meeting point, the marketplace and the digital tool to cooperate, innovate and create commercial services for Connected Automated Mobility. The Drive Sweden Innovation Cloud is a leading technology and service platform that aims to support an increased degree of automation of transport and the launch of new mobility services with 5G. Securely connected vehicles are a prerequisite for the development of semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles.

It's not all about driverless vehicles. This is a completely new approach to mobility. We are on the threshold of a radical shift, and it's happening fast. In just a few years the world will change. We will see entirely new mobility business models enabling sustainable cities.

The Innovation Cloud is tailored made for business to business (B2B) data and insights sharing. It allows organizations to connect data streams through APIs and trade it with other organizations across the globe on their own terms. The flip side is that it also allows organizations to consume and purchase data streams by subscribing to different sources from the marketplace. As an insight consumer you can also choose to become an insight creator by subscribing to one or more data streams, adding your intelligence and connect the enriched data back to the platform as insights to be traded by other organizations at your terms.

The Drive Sweden Innovation Cloud is used as a base for several sub-projects in Drive Sweden, including pilot experiments with connected self-driving vehicles and new mobility services in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The platform, services and pilot trials have attracted national and international interest. Parts of the functionality have been commercialized by the project's stakeholders, and the Connected Traffic Tower concept is used to package, market and export solutions that support connected automated mobility.

<b>Background </b>
Drive Sweden is a Strategic Innovation Program aiming to develop, demonstrate and implement sustainable mobility solutions by creating efficient, connected and automated transport systems.

Drive Sweden takes a systematic approach and focuses on five thematic areas; Society planning, Digital infrastructure, Policy development, Business models and Public engagement. During 2016-2018 the Program has developed and demonstrated an initial joint cloud-based platform – Drive Sweden Innovation Cloud –with functionality for connected vehicle fleets, connected infrastructure, data sharing and interfaces towards test sites and partners. Drive Sweden Innovation Cloud is now used as platform in ongoing Drive Sweden projects and pilots such as LIMA, Test Site Stockholm, Connected Automated Truck and AD Aware 3. The Connected Traffic Tower has been established to meet the needs of connecting and controlling automated vehicles and mobility services in a safe and efficient way. Services based on the Traffic Tower concept has now been launched in trials and commercially by Drive Sweden partners like Ericsson, Scania, Carmenta and Veoneer.

The core idea behind the Digital infrastructure thematic area is that automated vehicles and new mobility services will benefit heavily from behind connected and managed on a system level, rather than having “autonomous” vehicles and services independently trying to operate mainly based on local sensors and local intelligence. The idea going forward, is to continue building connected services and connected cooperation supporting leading services within automated mobility.

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