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Aquanity is an innovative Israeli company that develops and sells water treatment devices based on the revitalization technology aimed to enhance the taste and texture of tap water and to upgrade their quality as spring water. From sensors to alarm monitoring and control infrared illuminators to CCTV solutions Senstar delivers superior technology products and service with a complete security solution. The Aquanity water revitalization technology is based on the active ingredient (from source of water and flora in Israel) that echo intangible frequencies into the water in specific compositions and formulas. Products - AQUANITY SPRING AQUANITY RIPPLE General description AQUANITY SPRING -The household water revitalization device is installed at the house’s main water entrance after the water gauge and the water filters if any. AQUANITY RIPPLE shower device has a double effect on the water: Revitalization and Soft texture. The device’s double effect operates on clean energy and without any use of chemicals.


SPRING: Improved taste greater water consumption Considerable savings in irrigation water RIPPLE: The users of the device report about a better shower experience and a better skin and hair feeling; Proven record of commercial use

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