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MISSPET DH-100 dehumidifier using Thermo-Electric cooling technology (no compressor needed), low consumption 60W, 500ml/day (85% RH. 86)
Using MISSPET DH-100 daily keeps the air fresh and environment better in your home, providing you a comfortable living environment.
Keep your bed sheets, walls, wood floors and other furniture dry and away from dampness.
Eliminate mould, fungus and musty odour in the air. Say No to mouldy clothing and mouldy bread etc.
Pure and fresh air in the bathroom, bedroom, small basements, bathroom, kitchen, office, closet.
Humidity and damp air makes our homes quite unpleasant and we often feel uncomfortable in our homes especially during rainy days or high humidity seasons. Now you can get rid of this dampness with MISSPET Dehumidifiers. Using it daily keeps the air fresh and environment better in your home, it reduces humidity from your home air. It protects everything like your bread, beans, and rice and your books, leather, clothes and shoes from the mould. It saves your closet, study, kitchen and basements from moist. And also keeps your bed sheets, walls and wood floors dry and away from dampness.

Water reservoir Capacity: 1L(34oz)
Voltage: AC 100-240V,(50/60Hz)
Power: 60W
Power cord: 2.5M /8.2ft
Color: White
Size: 203x152x305(mm) /8x6x12(in)

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