Devices Systems and Methods for Monitoring Power Consumption - Smart Meter


This first-of-its-kind technology gives customers a chance to see how each home appliance performs and how much energy each device is using. The invention consists of myPowerMap™ adaptor and myPowerMap™ web portal. The myPowerMap™ adaptor plugs into any home outlet and can remotely monitor the condition of multiple appliances. The results can be viewed on a free Web-based program and contain easy to read charts and graphs. This unique online portal utility called the myPowerMap™ web-portal for smart meter users is supported through targeted advertising and affiliate programs from product manufacturers service providers and retailers. myPowerMap™ allows users to find out if their old refrigerator is the real culprit of their high monthly bills and if they are really getting savings out of those energy-saving light bulbs they bought. The user will receive product recommendations based on the condition of user appliances behavioral usage patterns and geographic profile using smart grid data.


Power Map allows users to opt-in for market research and advertising and will only recommend items that will save at least $50 in the first The myPowerMap™ $50 Guarantee.

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