Device for opening and closing the ventilator of a greenhouse using a guide bar

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- The ventilator of a greenhouse with linear window and curved skylight. - Perform the opening and closing operation by one linked vinyl without distinguishing side window and skylight. - The opening and closing operation performs gently on the connection portion of side window and skylight. - The problem that is blocking the doorway is not occur. - Guide bar which is builded according to the front shape of a greenhouse fixed bar which is fixed to the side of a greenhouse to tie up a house band connecting part which is lifting and lowering along the guide bar opening and closing bar which is rotating and lifting-lowering simultaneously in connection with the connecting part’s lifting-lowering and vinyl which performs opening and closing the side of the greenhouse


- Allowing smooth opening and closing without distinguishing side window and skylight. - It does not affect the structural safety of the greenhouses. - It does not give discomfort to the user of the greenhouses because of not obstructing the entrance - The maintenance is easy because the failure part is limited - Being manufactured at low cost It can be widely used in greenhouse.; .

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