Destruction plants for laughing gas at three hospitals

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In 2011 the laughing gas emissions had decreased with 75% in Stockholmslänslandsting compared to the emmissions in 2002

Destruction plants for laughing gas have been installed at three hospitals: Danderyds sjukhus, Södersjukhuset and Södertälje sjukhus. The destruction plants are connected to the hospital’s childbirth section. The goal is to reduce emissions of laughing gas in the county with 6 t / year and to show other interested county councils as well as interested companies and international hospitals. The implementation of the measure can be divided into three steps; investigations, purchase and adaptation. Firstly, a number of air flow measurements are made, in order to control the in - and out flow of air. It is also necessary to make sure that not only the required space for the equipment is guaranteed, it must also be ensured, that the floors are strong enough. Secondly, three destruction plants for laughing gas are purchased. Finally, the adaptation of the rooms, installation of electricity and ventilation has to be carried out. These investments are expected to reduce emissions of laughing gas with 6 t / year.

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